Map: Huron Meadows

One of our best beginner-friendly venues - solid big trails and a park road keep you from getting too lost, but experts relying on these will waste too much time and have to quickly chose the best routes. Hosted by the Greens, who live nearby and know every nook and cranny of Huron Meadows.


  • Members day of $10
  • Non-Members day of $20
  • Extra Maps day of $10

Course info:

White 1.8k. Points on or very near trails, ~45 minutes to walk
Yellow 3.2k. Points just off trails, 60-75 minutes to walk.
Orange 4.4k. Points off trail but on larger features (big hills, big ponds, etc.). ~2 hrs to walk
Green 4.7k. Points on small, technical off trail features. ~2.5 hrs to walk.
Red 7.3k. Points on small, technical off trail features. ~3 hrs to walk without many mistakes

What is orienteering?

Using a pre-marked, detailed, topographical map, navigate through a series of checkpoints. The route between them is entirely to you - go around a hill or over, hop a log or scoot under, take a lengthy but high speed trail option or cut cross country to save distance - the choice is yours!



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