Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.

Organizer: Jens Christiansen (Event Director)

Premarked ~1:10000 topographical maps

6 pm: check in opens

6:30 pm: maps

6:55 pm: briefing (don't get hurt, come back by 9 pm)

7:00 pm: Go!

9:00 pm: Stop!

9:30 pm: We are sending search and rescue for you.

10:00 pm: Park closes, remaining cars towed.

~30 c, ~12 km, as many or as few as you like in any order you like. Harder checkpoints are worth more points.

Steep penalties kick at 9 pm.

Punch in fifteen seconds after 9 pm, lose ~medium checkpoint worth of points. 9:01:45 = lose ~two medium checkpoints



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