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Organizer: Steve Simpson (Event Director)

Meet at Trailhead Shelter. Please pre-register here by Thu 11/3/16 to reserve your map(s). 
Don't forget to fall back for Daylight Savings! 

Just added a event so you can see a replay of your GPS tracks and others via a replay. Search SMOC Maybury or follow link:

MTB-O (Mountain Bike Trail via your own bike, will be a time trial course with no off trail travel) / with an optional Score O course as a mini AR. (Check ins start at 11:00am)

3.5 Hr Mini AR (All optional Score O course available after the MTB-O is completed. Map will be exchanged back at start/finish once MTB-O is completed. Will have 3.5 hours to complete both MTBO and Score O course combined) (Check in starts at 11:00am, Pre-Race meeting at 11:15am, Mass Start early at 11:30am)

White thru Red Courses (Starts at 12:00pm, Check ins at 11:30, No early starts please. This is to get the majority of MTBers off the course)

  • Equestrian & MTB trails will be off limits to extended foot travel to avoid hiker / biker / horse issues. Brief crossings are permitted.

Cutoff - 3:00pm for all courses, Flag pickup will begin promptly just after. 

Last start times allowed for (White / Yellow / Orange / MTB-O - 1:30pm) (Green / Red - 1:00pm.)

Orienteers will have a few choices for this event. 
For those that want to MTB, you can do just the MTB-O. 
Or you can do the MTB-O and then one of the regular courses. 
Or you can do the MTB-O and then the Score O course as a mini 3.5 hour AR. Score O is only available for those doing the mini AR. 
The top finisher for the mini AR will win a $25 gift card!

$5 for members / $10 for non members per Map
Open to the Public

Email me - miclimber at 



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