Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.

Mass start at 11am at the gravel pit.

Regular Farsta -- 7.8km total, two loops, short Farsta -- 4.8km, two loops as well.

Farsta = one-person relay or form a team of two and split into two separate legs.

There will also be a beginner Yellow course, non-mass-start.

Post-event write-up:

Kevin Fisher won the full Farsta, Jen Kilbourne won the Mini, and Team Crunk crushed their competition on Yellow.

The full results are here:

Some folks did not punch the last control on both loops (#77), so they are off the sorted list. Each competitor on the results has their first loop variant next to their name.

You can see the maps for full Farsta here:…/peach-mou…/farsta-aaaaa.jpg…/peach-mou…/farsta-bbbbb.jpg
for Mini here:…/peach-mountai…/mini-aaa.jpg…/peach-mountai…/mini-bbb.jpg
and for Yellow here:…/peach-mountain-…/yellow.jpg

I'd like to thank all the people who helped: Jennifer Kilbourne, Jen and Ati Tislerics, Steve Simpson, Rick Waldo, Dennis Elston, and Jens Christiansen for pickup, Oleg for pre-running the course, and Elena for help with the registration.



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