Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.

Find 30 checkpoints placed around the Haven Hill map at Highland Recreation Area on a detailed, pre marked topographical map.  Points will race from easy, on or near trails, to more difficult advanced checkpoints strewn deep into the woods in complicated terrain.

Park at Goose Meadows

5:15 Check in begins

6:10 Maps go out for planning

6:31 Sunset

6:40 Brief briefing

6:45 Go!

8:45 Stop

The 30 checkpoints add up to potentially 1500 points.

Lose 50 points per partial minute late (ouch!), plus there are awesome homemade cookies waiting at the finish anyway!

Straight-line distance between points is approximately 8 km / 5 miles.  There are swamps and hills in the way, so plan on more distance if you are going to catch 'em all.  

Bring headlamps or flashlights...or both...and spare batteries!

Race competitively as a solo or team,  or have a casual fun unique Saturday night with friends - you decide your intensity level - all are welcome and all of those types enjoy the unique experience of running around the woods in the dark.



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