Organizers: Jens Christiansen (Event Director), Barbara Niess May (Event Director)

Map: Yankee Springs

Pending permit

Two hours of mass start score style (any order, as many as you like) foot navigation at Yankee Springs. 20-30 points, roughly 1/3rd Beginner/Advanced Beginner (White/Yellow), 1/3rd medium (Orange), 1/3rd advanced (Green/Red).

Check in 11-11:30.

Maps available at 11:30. Brief briefing at 11:55. Mass start at 12:00. Be back by 2:00. Lose one medium point per partial minute late (ie, if you come back at 2:30 you'll have lost everything and then some!)

Water provided at some convenient drop off points (not necessarily at checkpoints). Bring your own supplemental supply if desired.


Course Registration


~20-30 checkpoints scattered around Yankee. Most points in two hours wins.

Distance: 12000m

Beginner Lesson

Introduction to terrain based navigation

Distance: 1000m

Checkpoint Pickup

Revisit your mistakes or just help pick up flags

Distance: 3000m

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