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Organizers: Kevin Fisher (Event Director), Sydney Fisher (Event Director)

Map: North Campus

2 Sprint courses on the University of Michigan North Campus hosted by Kevin and Sydney.

Do one or both courses. Running the courses will take about 20 minutes, walking they should take about 45 minutes. Explore some of the beautiful hidden places across campus.

UPDATE 5/17: Approval Granted!

The start will be west of the Space Research Building. Parking in Lot NC28 and NC74 off of Hayward St. Map:

Starts will be between 9 am and 11 am, with the courses closing at Noon.


  • Campus is not closed for this event.
  • Use caution when crossing streets, as cars may be present.
  • Give bikers and campus pedestrians the right of way.
  • It is move in day for Northwood Apartments. Please be mindful of moving trucks and people
  • moving boxes and give them the right of way.
  • There is ongoing construction on campus. Please avoid construction areas, even if they are not marked on the map.
  • Entering any campus buildings is prohibited.
  • Use common sense in getting between locations. Do not cut through flower beds, climb walls or railings, or do anything that may damage a structure or vegetation.
  • If a flag is missing please contact the event organizers at the phone number listed on the map
  • If you suffer a serious injury, call 911. For minor injuries, or if you are lost, please contact the event organizers at the phone number listed on the map.

Course Notes:

  • There is no water on the course. You can get water at the start/finish. Outdoor water fountains are marked with the cup symbol.
  • Black X = statue or sculpture,
  • Black O = other manmade feature (eg. playground, tepee)
  • Light poles, benches, campus signage, and other small manmade items are not mapped.
  • Light Grey = building overhang that can traveled under
  • Tree mapping is not consistent across the map.


We are piloting a new sign up method through google forms. If you choose to sign up through the google form, you will be able to skip signing the paper waiver, and will have an SI Stick preassigned, so you will be able to skip the lines. To sign up using this method fill out the following form.




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