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Organizer: Alan Oprsal (Event Director)

Map: Heritage Park

SMOC returns to Heritage Park in Adrian, Michigan - our only venue with the mix of: an oil well, mountain replica, open parkland, runnable woods, trail jumbles, and historic buildings to keep you on your toes.

Note: Added a lesson - tour of the first points on Yellow until you get the hang of it.


Distances are as-the-crow-flies, so you may end up running farther depending on: your aversion to marshes, hills, being error-free...

Yellow: 2.3 KM, 9 checkpoints
Orange: 4.1 KM, 17 checkpoints, climb 70m
Green: 5.8 KM 20 checkpoints, climb, 85m
Red: 8.6 KM, 31 checkpoints, climb 130m

Note for Red runners: If your personal stick won't hold more than 30 cp (ie, it's red and black and starts 202 or 205), please borrow one of our newer multi-color sticks!

Red will have a map exchange, the first being 1:5000 and the second being 1:7500. You'll have to drop the first map at the map exchange before getting the second map.

If there is a finish chute, Orange, Green, and Red must use the finish chute. A taste of the national meet experience!

Alan will have course setter's notes at the registration and start area, noting things like: brown mapped rootstocks are earthen features and are usually larger than green mapped rootstocks. Green mapped rootstocks are usually still standing.



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