Organizers: Jen Pineau (Course Planner), Clinton Adams (Event Director)

Map: Maybury State Park


11:00 Check in opens

11:30 Maps out!

11:50 Pre race briefing (please don't get hurt, come back on time, and YIELD TO HORSES)

12:00 Go!

2:00 Stop!

2:30 Flags up


The format will be a 2 hour score o (any order, as many as you like), with live results as people finish. There are ~30 checkpoints spanning over six miles of straight line distance (and you can't go straight!). Using a pre marked, detailed topographical map, navigate to as many of them as you get within before time expires. At each flag, you'll put your electronic timing stick (rental included with entry) into the punch station to record your visit.

Beginners will enjoy the strong, well-marked trail network, while experts will enjoy sections of glorious woods and some interesting route choice puzzles.

Arrive early if you didn't pre register.

Please use the entrance off 8 Mile - we will meet near but not in the enclosed shelter.



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