Organizers: Steve Simpson (Event Director), Angel Simpson (Event Director)

Check-In / Maps 11am-1145am.
Briefing 1150am.
Mass Start at 12pm.
Finish by 3pm.

25 control Score-O, exciting new B-I-N-G-O Format in The Badlands.

Racers will have two options to choose from.
Both options will use the same map 1:7500 consisting of 5 small sections with 5 controls in each section totaling 25 controls. See visual example below.

1) 25 control all optional Score-O Sprint ~6km (All controls worth the same, winner based on time clearing the course)
2) 25 control Score-O Sprint B-I-N-G-O ~3km up to ~16km potentially (1 control in each section will secretly be assigned a letter)

Where: Island Lake Rec Area, Brighton, MI - Spring Mill Pond

How it works: B-I-N-G-O racers will choose their own route & punch 1 unique control - per section - per lap in attempt to play the classic game while orienteering. Yes, 1 unique control - per section - per lap! Each ~3km lap will consist of punching 5 total controls (1 in each section) before returning to the S/F area each time. 1 control in each section will be assigned a letter for B-I-N-G-O that will be hidden to racers until they return to the S/F area to see their results and the leaderboard! Each lap that a racer doesn't complete B-I-N-G-O, they will recharge back at the S/F with refreshments/fuel while getting encouragement from spectators before they must then go back out on the course for another lap! Racers will need to keep track of previously punched controls, while punching a new unique control in each section each lap. Thus racers could complete B-I-N-G-O in as few as 1 lap (inconceivable!) to as many as 5 laps (groan!)

Scoring: Score-O controls have no value, and will just be based on time. For B-I-N-G-O format, B=1, I=5, N=10, G=50, O=100, other controls have no value. When you return to the start/finish, area you will get your printout as normal, and cross reference the posted scoring sheet for the all different point value combinations. The first one to 166 points wins. You'll want to bring a pen with you to write the score of each lap on your printout to remember which letters you've gotten. You may also want to carry your printout with you each lap so you don't accidentally revisit a control. As example, lap 1 you manage to get B and N, that's 11pts, while lap 2 you get I only, now you're at 16pts. You will keep going until you get 166 points, you give up, or you run out of time.

Why: This format is inspired by the Barkley Marathon, combined with a Sprint Event feeling. Also due to potential upcoming private entity firm reclaiming the Badlands, it's unknown how much longer they will remain in their current state. So this gets you as much of the Badlands as you will ever want to remember before it changes for good! How few laps will it take? Can you persevere? The first person/team to complete B-I-N-G-O in the fastest total time (clock time) will win a prize (TBD)

Who: Singles or Teams (in any amount up to 5) as an alternating lap relay. Teams are welcome to run this event as a relay, passing off the control stick each lap.

What if it becomes too much for me: You can drop to the Score-O option 1 at any point and anyone that gets more than 1 control per section or more/less than 5 controls per lap will automatically be dropped to the Score-O sprint option 1.

Should I attempt option 2: Anyone can give it a try, if you aren't speedy, don't worry 3 hours is a long time and walkers should be able to get at least 3 laps in. You could get lucky or it's possible you may not complete the challenge but still have a heck of endurance experience!

FAQ: Once I get a letter, can I not go back to that section, clearing it? No, you will visit each section each lap. How will I know what I got? When you return to S/F, we will advise you which letters achieved. You'll need to remember, or write on your maps accordingly, bring a pen! We'll also have a whiteboard as a leaderboard so you can see each time you return to the S/F where you stand. Do I always get 5 controls each lap? Yes, you always get 5 unique controls per lap. This means you will get at least 5 and as many as all 25.

Food: Let's party while we wait for demolition on the course. Grilling out, hotdogs, hamburgers, potato salad, chips, fruit. $3 donation suggested, family and friends welcome and encouraged to create a festival atmosphere at the S/F. Will base food on pre-registration counts, if you know you will have extra people, just send me an email miclimber @ yahoo dot com so I can account for them. Thanks.

I'm still super confused on this Bingo thing: As example using the below sample map and assuming B=32, I=40, N=55, G=64, O=70, which you will not know beforehand. Lap 1 you decide to go to 43, 60, 73, 51, 33, return to Finish. Download and get results. On no I did not get any letters! Back out you go for Lap 2, getting an all new set of 5 controls, this time 31, 42, 55, 63, 71, return to Finish. Download and get results. Whew I'm on the board with N=10pts. Lap 3, again you will get an all new set of 5 controls, this time 40, 32, 52 (Yes you still have to get one in this section even though you already got N), 75,64, return to Finish. Downloads and get results. Yes, cha-ching, B, I, & G, 55 points that round, total is at 66 points. Lap 4, will you find O that last 100 points you need, or will it take you to Lap 5?

This is just an example of the map:



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