Organizers: Ken Lemieux (Course Planner), Clinton Adams (Event Director)

SMOC debut at Holly Recreation Area!

Remember you pay per map! So if you and all your friends want to go out together you are only going to pay the one price!!!

Training Course Available:

A 1K training course with instruction is available. Please email to reserve a spot. Training will be at 10 am sharp!

Day of Registration:

  • Member $10
  • Non-Member $20
  • Extra Map $10 Each

General Info:

  • This is a great course for beginners through experts as you can take a leisurely hike and learn some basics of orienteering...or go all out and try to clear the course.
  • The campground closes the week before, so racers will have access to the area. Start/finish at the organizational campground. Michigan Recreation Passport required.
  • 30 checkpoints, find as many as you want/can in any order you like, just be back before the buzzer!
  • 10:00 am: Check in begins
  • 10:30 am: Maps out for planning
  • 11:00 am: Go!
  • 1:00 pm: Stop!

Score-O Rules

  • Final score is determined by points minus penalties.Ties (same number of points after penalties) are broken by shortest elapsed time.Ties are not unusual – finish strong!
  • CPs are worth as much as the tens place – eg, 62 = 60 points, 35 = 30 points
  • Don’t be late!For each partial minute late, you’ll lose 40 points.
  • Don’t get hurt – the prize is only bragging rights!
  • Don’t trespass (any overprinted areas – black or purple stripes or purple cross hatch)
  • Don’t swim!
  • You can come back through the start/finish area as much as you need – stop by your car, have a snack, etc.

Important Note:

Prior to becoming a state recreation area in 1946, Holly Recreation Area was farmland. As such, you will see a lot of ruined rock walls that used to be property lines, On the map, you'll want to become familiar with these symbols:



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