Organizer: Jens Christiansen (Organizer)

Map: Crooked Lake

Hone your skills by practicing with the OUSA Junior Team! Exercises prepared by three time and current OUSA Orienteer of the Year, Greg Ahlswede.

Event is a fundraiser for the OUSA Teams. OUSA team members of any type (senior, junior, development, etc.) are free. Others: Attend any combination of sessions, with a suggested amount of $10 per session per person, or four for $35. We'd rather you be there than not be there, so please adjust up or down as needed. Anything above costs (junior team lodging, permits, etc.) will go to the teams.

Control locations will be indicated by streamer type rather than flags (be accurate!)

Tentative schedule below. Start locations with be relayed to registered participants by Friday, generally in the vicinity of our Crooked Lake and Waterloo HQ start locations near Chelsea, Michigan. Recreation passport required to park in Waterloo Recreation Area!

Exercises are preceded by an explanation by Greg - when we confirm the times closer to event start, please arrive early enough to be ready. For exercises with staggered starts, it'll be at a tight interval, so after Greg's coaching you won't have to wait long. (In other words, it's not a free open two hour start window like our normal events.)


10 am: Maze orienteering. 3.7 km conventional course, but with imaginary lines drawn on the map that you have to avoid!

4 pm: Diamond Training: Mass-start, high-pressure course with forking (not everyone goes to the same checkpoints in the same order). 5.6 km


9 am: Circular Map Contour Training. All visual indications of north removed (straight edges of paper, north oriented features, north lines, etc) - find your way solely by contour shape. 5.4 km but shortcut options if you get in trouble.

1 pm: Forest Sprint Relay, 2-person teams. Course 1 is 1.5 km and Course 2 is 1.9 km.


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