Organizers: Jens Christiansen (Course Planner), Clinton Adams (Event Director)

Map: Waterloo HQ


Five point to point courses starting at Waterloo HQ

White - beginner friendly short loop. Run in 15-20 minutes, walk in 30-45 minutes. If it all makes sense, go back out on Yellow!

Yellow - somewhat expansive course - you'll cover a lot of ground and see several different terrains, from woods to prairie to fields. Flags are visible from the trail, but you will have to keep your eyes open as that doesn't mean next to the trail! Walk in 1-2 hours, run in 45 minutes.

Orange - spanning from yellowish to reddish, look for mostly major features, off trail but solvable with decent attack points. Walk in 2-3 hrs, run in 1.5-2.5 hrs

Green / Red - Almost as hard as possible in places, a few places not quite as hard. Gaiters recommended as a few legs have finer points of entry between rough vegetation that would not be hard to miss, or it might be easy to get stuck and not want to backtrack. Walk in 2.5 hrs+/3 hrs+, run in 1.5 - 3 hrs. Green is a subset of Red. Having a long day? Drop to Green by following indicated shortcut, and still be ranked.

COST:. Note: DNR park so Recreation Passport is required.

DAY OF REGISTRATION: Members $10, Non-members $15, Extra maps $5

Day of registration 11:30 - 1pm



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