Organizer: Igor Guskov (Event Director)

Map: Bishop Lake


A freshly checked map, recently used for the 2018 Long Champs, plus courses by the mapper himself, with his devious route choice and tricky technical placements that you will keep you on your toes on the advanced courses. Options range from beginner friendly to oof.

Red 7.2km, 15 checkpoints

Green 4.8km, 9 c

Orange 4.0km, 9 c

Yellow 3.4km, 8 c

White 2.4km, 7 c


Pre-registration: Members $7, Non-members $12, Extra maps $5. Note: DNR park so Recreation Passport is required.

Day of Registration: Members $10, Non-members $15, Extra maps $5

Day of registration 11:30 am - 1pm

Please remember to Submit payment via paypal and then complete the form. A help video is below the form.

Pre Registration will close 7pm FRIDAY 10/25

How to Register



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