Organizers: Clinton Adams (Event Director), Steve Simpson (Course Planner)

SMOC is excited to be holding an Orienteering Meet for the first time at Kensington MetroPark Sunday 11/17 from 1130am-3pm. Start/Finish will be at the Spring Hill area in the northwest area of the park. Here is a link to the park map. Metroparks require a permit for entry, it is $10 for a daily or they offer annual as well. The park is free from hunters so you will not need to worry about hunter's orange. The meet will offer standard point to point courses in a variety of terrain, that will cover cross country trails, equestrian trails, sledding & disc golf areas, and also a nice variety of woods. This is a brand new map that has been refined since a paddle event was held on it at the park earlier this summer. A guided lesson will be offered in two sessions, one at 11am and one at 12pm. Flag pickup will be promptly at 3pm as darkness will set in just after 5pm. Will allow starts at 11:30am to accommodate. Green/Red last starts allowed at 1:00pm.

Day of registration:

Members: $10, Non-Members: $15, Extra Maps: $5. First timers: $15!!!! if not preregistered
Lesson - .9km Guided 3CPs

White - 1.9km 6 CPs

Yellow - 3.5km 11 CPs

Orange - 4.6km 13 CPs

Green - 5.7km 15 CPs

Red - 7.3km 19 CPs

Note: This is a Huron-Clinton Metropark, so the Recreation Passport that gets you into most of our venues doesn't apply here, and you'll need a metro park daily or annual.

Pre Registration is closed



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