Organizers: Barbara Niess May (Course Planner), Jennifer Kilbourne (Course Planner), Clinton Adams (Event Director)

Map: Maybury State Park

Mass start, any order as many as you like. Will there be snow? Maybe. Will there be candy canes? Very probably! As well as a few more twists to keep you on your toes. If you have never been to a Score-O event this is a little different, you are given your map a half hour before the start time. This allows you to plan your route for as many points you can get! Point values are equal to the 10's value of the control flag. Please bring markers or pens to mark your maps!!! At 11:58am we will gather everyone outside and countdown to go. While on course be mindful of the time, you must return by 2pm to the finish or suffer a 100 point penalty every minute you are late!!!

Beginners welcome - Maybury has a strong, well-marked trial network, plus you are bounded by some pretty good sized roads in all directions. You'll find a lot of flags too!

Meanwhile, experts will contend with jumbled mountain bike trails, wildly varying terrain types from woods to meadow, all while the clock counts down. One more or head back to the shelter??

10:30 am Registration Opens

11:00 am Sharp BEGINNER LESSON

11:30 am Registration Closes/Maps out

12:00 pm Mass start

2:00 pm Finish

Pre-Registration: Closed

Day of registration (Participation is on a first come first serve basis!!! Maps not guaranteed if registering day of event.)

Members: $10, Non-Members: $15, Extra Maps: $5

If registering day of, you can save time by printing and bringing your own wavier filled out!



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