Organizer: Igor Guskov (Event Director)

Map: Bishop Lake

Point to point orienteering courses on the champs-quality Bishop Lake map in Brighton Recreation Area, designed by the map master himself!

There is no on site, same day registration.

You can join the waitlist by contacting the registrar.

Also, Huron Meadows is the following weekend and not at capacity yet.

Masks required in the start/finish area.

No water/snacks for the time being - please bring what you need out on the course and for recovery afterwards!

Race flat out to win, practice your navigation, or go for a hike-with-a-twist with family or friends - you choose!

What is orienteering? Using a pre marked detailed topographical map, navigate your way to a series of checkpoints. The route between them is up to you - go over the hill or around, jump over logs or streams, or use trails.

Courses offered at the event:

Beginner White 2.2km 8 checkpoints
Intermediate Yellow 2.7km 7 checkpoints
Advanced Orange 4.4km 7 checkpoints
Expert Green 4.8km 10 checkpoints
Expert Long Red++ 9.4km 18 checkpoints

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