Organizer: Igor Guskov (Event Director)

Map: Bishop Lake

Point to point orienteering courses on the champs-quality Bishop Lake map in Brighton Recreation Area, designed by the map master himself!

Pre registration is required, use green link to the left--->>>

Registration closes at 6 pm 11/6, or when the 100 person permit limit is reached - register soon!

Race flat out to win, practice your navigation, or go for a hike-with-a-twist with family or friends - you choose!

What is orienteering? Using a pre marked detailed topographical map, navigate your way to a series of checkpoints. The route between them is up to you - go over the hill or around, jump over logs or streams, or use trails.

Courses offered at the event:

Beginner White 2.2km 8 checkpoints
Intermediate Yellow 2.7km 7 checkpoints
Advanced Orange 4.4km 7 checkpoints
Expert Green 4.8km 10 checkpoints
Expert Long Red++ 9.4km 18 checkpoints

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