Organizers: Tim Williams (Course Planner), Jens Christiansen (Event Director)

Map: Maybury State Park

Maybury is postponed until after the current orders expire (25 person cap...including staff....)

Tentatively eyeing 12/19 if the original three weeks ends on time. If not, January is on the menu.

Pre registration is required - please use the link (to the right on big screens, below on your phone). Participation is capped; this event could sell out.

The quest for the Night Owl returns!

With a course designed by SMOC's 2019 Night Owl, Tim Williams, you'll have two hours to find as many of the thirty flags scattered around Maybury State Park as you can using a detail, pre-marked topographical map.

To meet distancing guidelines, there will be four mini mass start waves - 5:00 pm, 5:15, 5:30, and 5:45. Maps for each round will be available 15 minutes prior (eg, 5:00 group can pick up maps at 4:45 pm) to give you a few minutes to plot your attack.

The course is beginner-friendly - many checkpoints are near the extensive trail network. The park has a number of trail placards with "you are here" in case you get turned around. Every flag will have something reflective - if you get close you are unlikely to miss it. Many flags are in an achievable radius of the start.

Experts are going to have to stretch their legs to cover almost 10 km of ground in under two hours - no time for mistakes! Which sounds easy enough until you've jumped between your third trail system and have no idea which bend you are on anymore!

Scoring is once again LiveLox based - we are using contactless flags. Either log your race on the LiveLox app, or upload a gps track (from your gps watch or Strava, etc.) after the fact to confirm your visits. If you are competing for the Night Owl traveling trophy, you must have a gps track for verification. If you don't have a phone to run with or watch and are likely to be in the thick of it for the win, please contact the registrar over @ to make arrangements.

A Recreation Passport is required - if you don't have one, use the self registration kiosk on your way into the park.

Sorry, no fires and hot chocolate this year. :( Next time!



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