Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.

Organizers: Steve Simpson (Event Director), Adam Banker (Course Planner)

Pre-registration required. Register by Friday, May 14, at 8 pm to give time to print maps, assign sticks, etc.

We have a finite number of rental sticks; we'll divvy these out in registration order, so there's a small risk if you register late, you'll need to be timed via LiveLox.

SMOC members (or members of other OUSA clubs) can use SMOCMEMBER to save $5.


Beginner-friendly through expert on one of our newest maps, Kensington Metropark, with fresh updates and additions. For a look at what makes them different, see our facebook post on the topic (FB account not required)

  • White / Beginner: 2.3 km (takes 45-60 minutes)
  • Yellow / Advanced Beginner / Intermediate: 3.1 km (takes 45-90 minutes)
  • Orange / Advanced: 4.9 km (takes 75-120 minutes)
  • Green / Expert: 5.4 km (takes 90-150 minutes)
  • Red / Expert Long: 6.6 km (takes 120-180 minutes)

You can start your course between 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm; please note that we will start picking up flags at 3:00 pm. Generally, we are ready to start people closer to 11:15 am, but we can't always guarantee it depending on how many flags go out on race morning. You are welcome to wander over when it looks like we're ready!

Note: Metropark daily or annual pass required - this is NOT the DNR recreation passport. If you don't have one, they'll know when you go through the gate and you can pay there/then. Annual passes can also be pre purchased online


Main parking lot is the Spring Hill lot (about 50 cars..Bishop Lake probably had more cars than that). If this is full, drive around and park at the Orchard lot then walk down the toboggan run to the start location. Directions from Spring Hill to Orchard here - it's about a 5 ish minute drive, with a steep downhill walk to the start. Here's a link to the park's map with labeled parking lots.

Suggested Attire

White course: pretty flexible....mostly something comfy for walking

Yellow+: To ensure comfort, long sleeves, long pants and comfy shoes. Trail running shoes that can get dirty are a great choice. For longer courses, maybe water and a snack. Bug spray and sunscreen aren't bad ideas.

People on advanced courses may want a change of at least footwear for afterwards, depending on how aggressively you will attack the course.

Check In Procedure

There's no pre check in, so when you are ready to go, approach the table, and we'll get you a stick and your map. Punch your stick in the clear box until it beeps, punch your stick in the check box until it beeps, then punch start, flip your map over and go! If you need a loaner compass, you can borrow one of ours. If you want to leave your car keys with us, that's fine.

LiveLox is our tracking site. You can get a free phone app to track yourself on the course and then compare your routes, or you can use any other recorder (Garmin GPS watch, etc.) and upload after the fact.



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