Organizer: Ken Lemieux (Event Director)

Map: Ortonville Rec Area

Join us for five courses of orienteering fun around Ortonville Recreation Area! One of our newer maps, this features a fun trail network on the more beginner-friendly courses, and challenging hills and contour reading as you go up the difficulty level.

Pre-Registration only! Register by Friday, 4/8, 5 pm to ensure you get a map! $10 per start (which an be a group), or $5 for members with SMOCMEMBER coupon code.

Since we charge per "start"/group, not per person, if you have extra folks in your party, just have them fill out online waiver

NOTE: This is a Michigan DNR venue, and requires a Recreation Passport for entry. $12/annually if you check the box when you renew your plates - tremendous outdoor recreation value!

What is orienteering?

Using a detailed topographic map, navigate to a series of checkpoints (in order for this event). Race competitively, or enjoy a relaxing nature hike with family or friends - the choice is yours! The route between checkpoints is also your choice - take a longer trail option, or head off cross country across hills and over decide!


11:xx Courses generally are available, but not promised, depending on how long it took to hang flags, etc.

12:00 Courses are definitely open, you can start now

2:00 No more starts

3:00 Courses closed, flags may get pulled at any time. You may wish to start earlier if you are new and/or taking on a difficult course.

Course Info

  • Beginner / White: 2 km, 5 flags
  • Intermediate / Yellow: 3.2 km, 7 flags
  • Advanced / Orange: 4.1 km, 9 flags
  • Expert Short / Brown: 4.5 km, 8 flags
  • Expert / Green: 5.2 km, 11 flags
  • Expert Long / Red: 6.3 km, 14 flags

Course Descriptions

White / Beginner - One to two miles. Takes 30 - 90 minutes to walk. Flags are generally on trails.

Yellow/Intermediate - Two to three miles. Takes 45-90 minutes to walk. Flags are visible from the trail, but on nearby major features.

Orange/Advanced - Three to five miles. Takes 90-120 minutes to walk. Flags are generally not visible from trails. Cross country trail is common/generally necessary at some points.

Brown/Expert Short - Three to four miles. Takes 90-120 minutes to walk (w/out mistakes). This course has the highest technical difficulty - flags are on small features well off trail. Mistakes will take a long time to correct, as strong relocation features are not nearby.

Green/Expert - Four to five miles. Takes 120-150 minutes to walk (w/out many mistakes). This course also has the highest technical difficulty.

Red/Expert Long - Five to seven miles. Takes 150-180 minutes to walk (w/out many mistakes). This course also has the highest technical difficulty.

What to wear

Your mileage may vary; you can't go too wrong with this:

  • Long pants
  • Long sleeves
  • Layers for the temp
  • Shoes that can get dirty. Trail running shoes work great (whether you are running or not)
  • Shoes for afterwards in case you find mud or marshes
  • Snacks and water for on the course

We have loaner compasses if you don't have one.



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