Pre-registration required! Sign up by THURSDAY, 4/14, 5 pm to ensure you get a map. We charge per "start", which is either a solo or a group. $10 for non members, $5 for members (use SMOCMEMBER for the coupon code). Extra maps are $5 each.

What is EGG-O? Using a pre-marked, detailed topographical map, when the start is declared, find as many of the 31 orange and white flags as you can, in any order you like, before heading back ahead of the finish buzzer. Try to collect them all, or enjoy an outdoorsy holiday hike with friends - the choice is yours! Go over big hills, take the trails decide! Log your route with GPS or phone, but no peeking - a map and compass are all you will need!

Orienteering aficionados: There are 31 flags, which means if you are going for the clear and have an SI-8 or lower number stick with a 30 punch capacity, you'll need to borrow one of SI-9s with its 50 punch limit. We will try to guess as best we can and replace as well.


11:30 Check in / maps disbursed

11:55 Pre race assembly

12:00 Go!

14:00 Stop!

Flag pickup will begin shortly after course closes; please make every effort to finish by the 2:00 pm cut off. To ensure heightened adrenaline levels, overtime penalties are merciless and severe, roughly (1) medium flag worth of points per partial minute. EG, arrive at 2:01:01 and lose roughly two flags.

What is Egg-O?

Using a detailed, pre marked topographical map, find your way to as many checkpoints as you can, in any order you like, within the 90 allotted minutes. There is usually a significant penalty for lateness - on the order of (1) checkpoint for partial minute late. Eg, finish at 1:30:08 and lose 50 points. Head out for a fun family/group adventure, or race to clear the course - it's your choice! All styles are welcome. Try some beginner-friendly points, or head off into the wilds for more challenging ones - the choice is yours!

What to wear/bring

Your mileage may vary; this is a decent starting point:

  • Long pants
  • Long sleeves
  • Trail running shoes that can get dirty
  • Shoes for afterwards
  • Water/snacks for out on the course
  • Bug spray
  • Layers for weather

We have loaner compasses available.



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