Map: Huron Meadows

NOTE: This is a Huron Clinton Metropark, not a Michigan Recreation Passport venue. You need to have a daily or annual metropark pass - they are very likely to check so let's make sure we are in good compliance. You can order them online or purchase same day at the golf clubhouse just north of our start/finish. There are also nearby carpool lots along US-23 if you want to meet your friends there before heading in.

Find up to 30 flags in any order you like, just finish within the time limit, around Huron Meadows, staging out of the Acorn Ridge area north of Hammel.

Pre registration required, please sign up by the 8th at 11 pm. Registration will open once permit is slightly further along.

Until 6/7, 23:00: Regular $5/members, $10/non members

Until 6/7, 23:00: $10/members, $15/non members. Limited to small extra map quantities; may close sooner if we run out.

After 6/9, 23:00: Contact us about flag pickup to join.

We charge per "start"/group ($10, reduced to $5 for members with coupon code SMOCMEMBER or RECIPROCAL for other OUSA clubs), not per person, so if you have extra folks in your party, just have them fill out online waiver. An extra map is another $5. Interested in racing for free? Ask us about volunteer opportunities like flag pickup, giving a lesson, etc.

What is orienteering?

Using a detailed topographic map, navigate to checkpoints. Race competitively, or enjoy a relaxing nature hike with family or friends - the choice is yours! The route between checkpoints is also your choice - take a longer trail option, or head off cross country across hills and over decide!


11:00 Maps out

11:50 Brief pre race briefing

12:00 Mass start

14:00 Finish!

14:15 Flag pickup commences

What is Score O?

Many of our courses require progress in a specific order; however score is a free for all. Flags will have various point values. You can try to get them all, pick up a few high points, pick up many low pointers - the choice is yours! Difficulty will range from beginner-friendly through more expert level, with some near the start/finish and some quite aways a way. If you go for a remote point, be sure you have time to make it back as there is usually a roughly one flag per minute partial minute penalty - arrive at 2:00:15, lose one flag of points. Arrive at 2:02:45, lose three flags worth of points. Rankings are determined by the most points, with any point ties broken by time.

What to wear

Your mileage may vary; you can't go too wrong with this:

  • Long pants
  • Long sleeves
  • Layers for the temp
  • Shoes that can get dirty. Trail running shoes work great (whether you are running or not)
  • Shoes for afterwards in case you find mud or marshes
  • Snacks and water for on the course
  • Bug spray and sunscreen are not bad ideas

We have free loaner compasses if you don't have one.



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