Organizers: Ellen Thompson (Event Director), John Thompson (Event Director)

Map: North Campus

Join us for free sprints at North Campus on 6/25.

Please pre register for planning and prep purposes by Friday night.

Start between 10 am and noon; however please complete your course(s) by 1 pm.

Courses on offer:

Long - Point to point (go in order) longer sprint around U of M's North Campus. 3.2 km straightline

Short - Shorter point to point (fixed order) sprint / walk around U of M's North Campus. 1.8 km straightline

Wheelchair - Find flags in an accessible fashion! 1 km, any order, as many as you want

Start is in the Grove next to Lurie Tower.

Parking: NC27 is the closest lot, which has a dozen or two free visitor spots and many PAID visitor parking. NC20 is a short walk away but is free on weekends. Please study up on your parking plan prior to arrival to avoid confusion and tickets.



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