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Peach Mountain / Stinchfield woods is owned by the University of Michigan. It has several unusual science / tech features: WUOM's strikingly tall radio broadcasting tower, two older optical telescopes, and a radio telescope.

Peach Mountain is unusual for southeast Michigan - rather than our signature glacially formed kame and kettle, Peach Mountain has more of a ridge/valley layout, with a large "spine" working from the southeast to the peak in the northeast.

Peach Mountain has some of the nicest year-round woods. It's also a no-hunt park, so you needn't bring orange after 11/15 unless you want to.

The strong trail network will help newcomers from getting too lost, while experts struggle to keep speed up with the elevation and ease of falling into a parallel error (choosing wrong of two or more similar features).

Parking is often at Kid Land Daycare, with a half mile hike up to the Washtenaw Road Commission gravel pit to start.

NOTE: Peach Mountain does not naturally have bathrooms. Considering stopping at Hudson Mills (metropark pass required) or else earlier at one of the gas stations at the US-23 / North Territorial junction. Intrepid directors may rent a port-a-john, but do not rely on that unless notified.

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Peach Mountain Score O (aka the Mini May Rogaine) May 1, 2016
SMOC Peach Mountain May 11, 2019
SMOC Peach Mountain Oct 17, 2020