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Island Lake Recreation Area

Truly unique among our maps, ILRA features its Badlands - an open prairie-ish style former gravel pit, featuring HUGE sandy hills and massive sight lines. This is a great opportunity to learn about contour lines, because you can see the land without trees obscuring the shape. Route choice is key - do you go up and over the lung-searing climbs, or drift around and hope to correct back to where you want to be?

Courses also likely feature forays into large peninsulas, which have a mixed of open and less open woods, with large spur / valleys marked by smaller erosion features.

Bring your mountain bike afterwards to ride one of metro Detroit's most popular trails. And rinse off any of the popular swimming holes - Spring Mill Pond, Trout Lake, or Kent Lake Beach.

Enjoy the badlands while they last - mining is scheduled to resume at some point, where it will be out of commission for awhile and return in a completely new shape.

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Series Date
Island Lake Recreation Area Regular Meet May 8, 2016
SMOC Island Lake Recreation Area Score-O Apr 15, 2017
SMOC Island Lake Recreation Area Oct 24, 2021
SMOC Island Lake May 7, 2023