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  • Discounted race fee - save $5 per race by entering coupon code SMOCMEMBER during registration
  • Notification of streamer/practice/training courses

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Unless you are an OUSA member, you'll probably want to enter data manually, and you don't want to click on their OUSA membership (separate from ours!), unless you want to join OUSA, which is especially helpful if you go to national events around the country. Theirs is $35/$45, so if you don't see $15/$25, you may not be in the right place for the SMOC membership.

If you are an existing OUSA member (separate from SMOC) and want the link to autofill your information, it's this one


$15 / Individual

$25 / Family

$25 / Troop

Check here for 2024 calendar year membership status

Check 2023 calendar year membership status here (works currently only for people signed up through EventRegister; prior memberships can be manually verified prior to transfer into this system).

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