Organizers: Tom Logan (Course Planner), Lauren Steimle (Course Planner), Tim Williams (Course Planner)

Map: Silver Lake

Are you ready for annual Easter chocolate egg orienteering meet! (there'll be chocolate eggs at some of the checkpoints :) )

Choose your course level (beginner, novice, intermediate, advanced, elite), and hit the trails of the beautiful Silver Lake to find those chocolate eggs!

Courses descriptions

Note that the distances may sound short, but this isn't your neighborhood 5k. We don't have "flat and fast", we have hills, additional hills, some hills, marshes, logs, and varying thicknesses of vegetation, so please use the time estimates to inform your choice if you aren't familiar with the course types.

Novice: 2.1km, almost entirely on trail, takes 30-60 minutes to walk

Beginner: 4km, points just off trail, takes 45-75 minutes to walk

Intermediate: 5.7km, points off trail on larger features, takes 60-120 minutes to run, 120 minutes to walk

Advanced Short: 6.2km, technically difficult checkpoints in detailed, intricate terrain. Takes 60-150 minutes to run, 2-3 hours to walk

Advanced Long: 8.7km, same technical difficulty as advanced but longer. Takes 90-150 minutes to run, 3 hrs to walk.



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