Map: Chilson Impoundment

Time for the annual chocolate egg hunt!
Team Kiwi has a hectic course for everyone, so you should be crossing paths. Bring out your bunny ears! :D

Starts 11am-1pm

CONTROL PICKUP beginning at 2pm
Pre-registration members pay only $7 / non-members $12 (guarantees map for you)


Day of Registration Members $10 / non-members $15 (first come first serve on maps)

Teams or participants going out on course together, remember that you only need to pay one fee ($7/$12) if racing together. Purchase an extra map in advance for $5 for each member of your team if you would like or $10 day of (no guarantee on maps day off).

Questions Email:

Advanced Long (red) = 7km
Advanced Short (green) = 5km
Intermediate (orange) = 4.7km
Beginner (yellow) = 3.9km
Intro (white) = 2.7km



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