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Brighton Recreation Area

Chilson features all kinds of terrain - open park near the start, substantial relief (lots of brown lines) in the center/west area, and more subtle terrain at the north and south ends and just west of the start. One style of navigation may not serve you in all areas!

This newer map would be fantastic for a national-level Middle course (technical navigation with lots of direction change).

Bring your discs for some golf, or your horse for some trail-riding.

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Events on this map

Series Date
Chilson Apr 17, 2016
SMOC Fall Night O @ Chilson Impoundment (Brighton Rec Area) Dec 2, 2017
SMOC Chilson Apr 20, 2019
SMOC Chilson POSTPONED TBD May 3, 2020
SMOC Chilson Chaos Dec 17, 2020
SMOC Chilson Nov 7, 2021
SMOC Night O-wl Nov 11, 2023