Map: Chilson Impoundment

Find streamers at Chilson (Brighton Rec Area, just west of HQ)! Courses open through January 2nd, streamers getting picked up 1/3. Streamers are somewhat more likely to wander off during a long period of time, so if any are missing, just let us know.

Free, just email with what courses you want and if you can print legal (default for Red, Night, or Day Score O @ 1:10000) or just letter (1:12500 for those). Courses are sent same day, not necessarily same hour....internet connection may not be the greatest 12/24-12/26, however we'll try to get them out.

Night-O - 24 controls - 2 Hrs (~9.9k)
Daylight Score-O - 31 controls - 2 Hrs (~11k)
Red Course - 13 controls - 7.1k
Green Course - 12 controls - 6.1k
Orange Course - 9 controls - 4.3k

There are probably some sorts of hunting seasons on going; please enjoy your daylight activities well after sunrise and well before sunset. Please enjoy your night activities a bit after sunset, to let other users get that peak twilight-y type time.

Streamer Status

Paracord is at select night o locations; most have festive ribbon and green or pink surveyor's tape

31 - Possibly on a bonus campsite trail near the marked trail / road junction, to be confirmed / corrected

37 - Not streamered, since disappearance risk was high and you will probably know if you are there

46 - Currently missing

67 - Possibly missing



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