Organizer: Steve Simpson (Event Director)

Map: Haven Hill

The Return of SMOC BING-O! (And a score o if you prefer)

Pre-registration required; sign up by 5/13 5 pm to ensure you get a map. Print orders go out shortly after and have not a huge amount of extras ordered.

Until 5/13 5 pm: $5 members, $10 non members

Until 5/14 5 pm: $10 members, $15 non members. Limited to small extra map quantities; may close sooner if we run out.

After 5/14 5 pm: Contact us about flag pickup or similar to gain entry.

We charge per start and per extra map, so you only need to pay once for your group; additional group members can just do the electronic waiver. Cost is $10 per start or $5 for members (use coupon code SMOCMEMBER). Registrations after 5 pm until the hard registration closure at 3 pm Saturday at subject to an additional $5 processing fee since they fall out of the batch processing work for timing, labels and map printing.

What is BING-O?

This format was last done at ILRA in 2018. Check it out here:

5 small sections of a detailed topographical map with 5 checkpoints each. Each section contains one checkpoint with a hidden letter, so the caveat is you must get ONLY 1 UNIQUE checkpoint from EACH section per lap, looking for the hidden B-I-N-G-O letter checkpoint. Each 5 checkpoint lap you do is approximately 3k and you'll return to a central start/finish area to get instant feedback and harassment/encouragement from those finished before you to see if you picked off any letter checkpoint. The order and sections of the 5 checkpoint you visit each lap are Score O format. So get really lucky and you nab each letter on your first lap, or get very unlucky and visit all 25 checkpoints in 5 laps for up to 15k, which guarantees you get each letter. Fun event with the fastest BINGO getter winning a prize. Get your orienteering and random statistics need on and be part of a bell curve 5/15!

Can run as a two person relay if desired

What to wear

Your mileage may vary; this is not a bad opening position:

  • Long pants
  • Long sleeves
  • Layers per the temperature
  • Trail running shoes (even if you aren't running)
  • Shoes for after the race in case you find mud or marshes
  • Snacks / water for on the course

We have loaner compasses available if you need.



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