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Organizer: Jens Christiansen (Event Director)

Map: Silver Lake

Standard pricing: $5 member, $10 non member

Three hour, 30 controls/checkpoints/flags of varying values scattered among the hills, trails, and swamps of Pinckney Recreation Area - find as many as you like before 1 pm. 1:15k version of Pinckney Rec. Soft cut off, approximately 1 c per partial minute late (eg, 3:01:15 is -2 medium CPs). Pre marked maps distributed around 9 am for route planning, please check in prior. Mass start at 10 am. E Punch, Live instant results. 1 remote water stop.

If you might attend, sign up here or email Jens and an e punch stick will be waiting. It's easier to delete than add to the live scoring system on the fly, no negative consequences for not making it on race day.

Orange highly, highly recommended - this area is open to hunting!

Recreation passport required.,4570,7-153-10365_557...

Some terrain photos:

New to orienteering / navigation sports? Some beginner tips here:

Or if you'd like a hands on warm up, contact Jens (jens_uk {{{{{at}}}}} about a parking lot o warmup before the main event. 3-5 checkpoints scattered very near the start to make sure you have your technique in order.

If you are interested/willing to do control pickup, please contact Jens - it may be more rewarding than usual.



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