Organizers: Jen Crawford Pineau (Event Director), Steve Simpson (Event Director)

Map: Haven Hill

Highland Rec Area - Teeple Lake Boat Launch Parking Lot. Use the main entrance off M-59 and drive waaaay back.

Score O Format - Get as many as you can, in any order you like before the buzzer. Approximate straightline distance is 12 km

30 CPs - 12km straight line distance

Maps out at 12:00 pm

Mass start at 12:30 pm

Finish by 3:00 pm to avoid incurring overtime penalties that will wipe out your hard scoring work

What is orienteering? Using a pre marked, detailed topographical map, find your way around the park to locate checkpoints, marked by one foot by one foot by one foot orange and white flags. At each flag, dip your electronic timing stick into the punch station to record your visit. Then beat your friends back to the finish. Or enjoy your hike in the woods. All styles, from ultra competitive to ultra recreational are welcome, as long as you come back before we want to leave for dinner.

The route between checkpoints is up to you - go over the hill or go around. Keep your feet dry and avoid swamps, or take your best wet-foot shortcut.

Recommended attire:

Long sleeves

Long pants

Running shoes or hiking shoes, whatever is comfortable for you to keep moving for a couple hours in the woods.

Bug spray suggested.

SMOC has rental compasses if you need one.


Course Registration

Intermediate Lesson

3:15 pm, join an experienced flag finder for some coaching

Distance: 2000m

Beginner Lesson

Meet at 10:15, start at 10:30, approximately 30 minutes

Distance: 1000m

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