Organizers: Jens Christiansen (Event Director), Barbara Niess May (Event Director)

Map: Chilson Impoundment

Night O returns! We have two versions - point to point for the champs, and score (any order, as many as you like).

Score O Timeline:

5:30-6:30: Registration

6:30: Maps given out for planning

6:55: Brief briefing (don't get hurt, come back on time)

7:00: Go!

8:xx: Stop! (Probably 8:30, maybe a little later). Late penalties kick in - lose one medium checkpoint worth of points per minute late!

tl;dr - Choose either a point-to-point champs course or an any order/as many as you like version.

Point to Point Timeline:

Starts most likely from 6:15 to 6:45, with a minimum 3 minute spacing between. Projected winning time is ~70 minutes. Course closes at the same time as Score O.

Two options:

Southeast Michigan Night O Fun Times: Your standard SMOC night orienteering - a 30 cp score format mass start with time limit - get as many flags as you can before the buzzer. Checkpoints will range from beginner to intermediate to expert. There will be some time before the mass start to plan your route. Pre registration on encouraged for planning, but not required to participate.

This course is beginner-friendly. There are some points in any open park environment; there are points on or near Chilson's dense trail network. The woods are also in good shape, so visibility is favorable in most sections of the course.

Scoring: The person/team with the most points wins; if there's a tie, tie is broken by arrival time. Checkpoints will have point values corresponding to their tens column - eg, CP 47 is worth 40 points. Harder/farther flags are generally worth more. Late penalties will destroy a good score quickly, so be sure to be back on time.

Southeast Michigan Night O Champs: A 20cp, ~6.5 km point to point (fixed order, must punch all in sequence). Runners will be started at intervals, in the reverse order of their projected finishing time - i.e., the fastest runners will go last and try to catch the people who started earlier. The start is "neutral" - no advantage will be conferred by watching the person in front of you take off, since the first c or two sets up the course. The technical difficulty will be similar to typical day time Green / Red (no mercy!). Seeding will be based on recent splits from SMOC events compared to a reference runner or other comparable events / Attackpoint or OUSA scores. The course will close around the same time as the mass finish for the score o, so if you aren't regularly sub 2hrs15mins on daytime Red, the score may be a better fit. We will also offer a bailout if you are having a rough night so you can skip the final loop and still be ranked on the short course. Winner will get the coveted SMOC Night Owl. You must be pre-registered on by 11/30 to compete on the p2p course (for seeding). Start times will be published by Friday midnight for the pre-registered competitors.

Recreation passport required for entry


Course Registration

Night O Fun Times

20-30 cp mass start score o - any order, as many as you like ("standard" SMOC night o)

Distance: 6000m

Night O Champs

Point to point technically difficult race for the Night Owl

Distance: 6500m

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