Map: Silver Lake

ONLINE REG CLOSED, you can register in person $10 a member and $15 non-member per stick/map. Limited maps are available and in person registration doesn't guarantee there will be maps.

First event of the SMOC spring season, hopefully we will have a beautiful sunny spring day. This is in a Michigan Recreation area so be sure to have your Recreation Passport sticker on your car or license plate!

Starts are allowed from 12pm til 2pm for the normal courses and til 3pm for the sprint.]

Control Pickup will begin at 3:30pm

Jess has prepared a great slew of courses for you to choose from the Standard Training, Yellow (2.6k 8 controls), Orange(4.2k 8 controls), Green(5.6k 11 controls), and Red(6.4k 12 controls) courses. In addition to that she prepared a sprint course(1.9k 11 controls) that can be added on day of with a $1 fee, this map will be reusable and we will have a limited quantity. However as soon as someone finishes you will be able to use their map and try your hand.

If this is your first time registering please watch the video for a bit of guidance on signing up, as Orienteering events may not follow the same registration process you are used to. This will help prevent overpaying and make everything day of the event as easy as walking up and saying "Hi" before hitting the woods.

COURSE NOTE "I have not made swamp crossings the shortest choice, and have not tested any area of water depth- as of end of MARCH it is still ice" - Jess

Please new folks who want training to contact Jess at at least 3-5 day before the meet.



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