Organizers: Jens Christiansen (Course Planner), Clinton Adams (Event Director)

Map: Peach Mountain

Special note:

Peach Mountain is a unique venue and does not have bathrooms on site. It's well under a mile from Hudson Mills Metropark, which does have bathrooms (daily or annual entry pass required).

What Is Orienteering?

Using a detailed topographical map, make your way to various checkpoints in order. Some will try to be the fastest; others will enjoy an afternoon in the woods. All are welcome!


Five of your usual style point to point courses plus the debut of a new bonus course. We are taking suggestions for the name - Misery-O...(belated) April Fool's shouldn't be surprised if something is wrong at every location. Usually, we count on our course setters to get everything perfect. Flag in the right place, checkpoint numbers correct...what if it all went terribly wrong?


Park at Kids Land Daycare - this is just west of Dexter-Pinckney Road & North Territorial (just west of Hudson Mills Metropark). Check in there then you'll get pointed to the walk to the start location near a gravel pit.

Course Notes:

Course notes: CHECK YOUR CODES! Flags are quite close together, sometimes 60 meters on different features, and 75 meters apart on the same type of feature. There are some cozy sections, so your line to your next c may cross over an earlier or later circle - be sure you are going to the right place/checkpoint number!

Current Status. All courses are point to point (fixed order).

Beginner / White: 1.6 km, 8 checkpoints. Flags at most decision points (trail junctions).

Advanced Beginner / Yellow: 2.7 km, 7 c. Flags off trail, but visible from trail. Which trail is on you!

Intermediate / Orange: 4.5 km, 10 c. Flags off trail, not always visible from trail, on larger features.

Advanced Short / Green: 4.9 km, 11 c. Flags as far off trail as Peach Mountain allows.

Advanced Long / Red: 7.7 km, 18 c. Flags as far off trail as Peach Mountain allows. Running short on time? Take labeled shortcut to finish Green instead, no harm done! To add this, just repack the "Select an option" and pick April Fool's after selecting your main event.

April Fools O: 3.0 km, 9 c. Despite our best efforts to train him, our course setter has done a horrible job and screwed up something at every checkpoint. Can you survive his mistakes and get through the course? Free if you run any other course.

Pre-registration members pay only $7 / non-members $12 (guarantees map for you) CLOSED

Day of Registration Members $10 / non-members $15 (first come first serve on maps)

Teams or participants going out on course together, remember that you only need to pay one fee ($10/$15) if racing together.

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