Organizer: Joseph Burkhead (Event Director)

Map: Peach Mountain

Two hours of any order, as many as you like flag finding at Peach Mountain!

If you're registered, park at the day care and take the two track north to the gravel pit to find Joe and your map.

Pre registration required - use the green box to the right --->>>>

SMOC Members, use SMOCMEMBER to get $5 off.

Not mass start - start within the starting window, finish within two hours after you start.

If you want to get them all, you'd better hustle!

Please mask up at the start/finish area pre/post race and spread out as much as you can.

Official results checking will be done with LiveLox. Lots of options are available: use the LiveLox app on your Apple or Android phone and record live, or use a GPS watch/logger and upload after. To ensure it looks like you found it, go close to the flag but no need to touch/punch.

Please note Peach Mountain doesn't have bathrooms. Assuming you are coming from the east, you can stop at Hudson Mills (Metropark sticker required) or from the west, Pinckney Recreation Area (Recreation Passport required).

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