Organizers: Steve Simpson (Event Director), Angel Simpson (Event Director)

Map: Island Lake

SMOC BINGO format returns to the Badlands at Island Lake - Spring Mill Pond S/F. This time shorter and less committing!

Pre registration required; sign up by 11 pm Thursday to lock in a map! Occasionally payment links don't cooperate on mobile; consider using the link when you get your registration email, or trying from a laptop / desktop later. If you have problems, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Through 5/4, 11 pm: $5/members, $10/non members. Extra maps $5. Members use: SMOCMEMBER; other orienteering clubs can use RECIPROCAL. Or it's free if you are picking up flags or helping with lessons.

Through 5/5, 11 pm: $10/members, $15/non members. Extra maps $5.

After 5/5, 11 pm, contact us about flag pickup.

NOTE: As a DNR venue, you'll need a Recreation Passport to park, unless you ride your bicycle over. $12 annually if you check the box when you renew your license plate.

What is BING-O like this year?

16 CPs total, 4 sections of 4 CPs each. Each section contains a hidden letter S-M-O-C! (Yep S-M-O-C is B-I-N-G-O this year) Each loop is roughly 2-2.5km, you'll get 1 CP from each section, for a total of 4 CPs per lap. Return to the S/F to reveal if you have gotten any of the hidden letters. Return back out to the course until you get all the hidden letters on successive laps. The caveat is you must get a unique control from each section each lap, so get really lucky and get all 4 letters 1st go in 2.5km, or get really unlucky and you're guaranteed to get all 4 hidden letters within 4 laps up to 10km. It's orienteering and statistics in one big sand dune adventure run! Fastest bingo winner will receive a prize!

Alternatively, you can drop to regular Score O format at any point.



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