Organizers: Jens Christiansen (Event Director), Melissa Johnson (Event Director)

Map: Chilson Impoundment

The quest for the Night Owl returns! Enjoy orienteering in the dark. Whether you are hoping to take home our traveling Owl trophy, out for some adventure race training, or enjoying a beautiful night hike, you'll be in the right place!

What is Night O? Using a detailed, pre marked topographical map, navigate to a number of flags via map, compass and headlamp.

Pre registration required; sign up by 11 pm on the Thursday prior to ensure you have a map packed and ready for you at 6 pm. Late registrants might not be ready. Late registration opportunities may expire depending on the number extra maps printed.


5:16 pm: Sunset

5:46 pm: Civil sunset

5:47 pm: Stop at a suitable bathroom en route; there is a more than decent chance the ones at the Night O HQ are going to be winterized and closed; there is a vault toilet at the equestrian staging area a few hundred meters away (visible on the map below).

6:00 pm: Map pickup; planning begins. We will pre clear rental sticks; if you brought your own, please clear it now to avoid results fiascos.

6:25 pm: Brief briefing (don't get hurt, come back on time, avoid private property)

6:30 pm: Go!

8:30 pm: Stop! Lose one medium checkpoint for each partial minute late (eg, 8:31:02 loses two medium checkpoints).


Mass start. You will not need to punch start, just go when we say go. Navigate your way to as many of the 30 checkpoints as you like/can, returning before the 8:30 pm buzzer. Flags are worth the 10s column, eg 47 = 40 points, 62 = 60 points. Finish punch will be synced pretty closely with normal cell phone / globally accurate time. When you get back, punch the finish then visit us to download.

All flags will either have reflective stripes or be supported by reflectivity - if you get within 10 m, you won't miss it - no in circle hunting planned.

Approximately 5 checkpoints are White-ish, 5 Yellow-ish, 10 Orange-ish, 10 Red/Green/Brown-ish

Straight line / crow flying distance to clear is hovering in the 8 km range. We expect a handful to clear in its current form.

Recommended gear: Light (flashlight or headlamp) with a spare battery. Cell phone in case that fails. Compass. Long pants, long sleeves, buff for head temperature regulation. Course is >95% dry, if you wander around you might find some wet ground. We will scout and set without gaiters; at competition speed you might not be that deliberate and shin protection is not a terrible idea if vying for the Owl.

Recreation Passport: This is a Michigan DNR venue; if you didn't check the box to get a "P" on your license plate sticker, be sure to register at a self-serve kiosk prior to the event start.



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