Map: Silver Lake

Find flags scattered around Pinckney Rec, while possibly freezing, or melting, it's really hard to say at this point. Score O format. Points range from beginner-friendly not far from race HQ to far flung in the wilds of woods.

Recreation Passport: This is a Michigan DNR venue; if you checked the boss for a P on your license plate sticker, you're all set, otherwise, please register at HQ or a self-registration kiosk.

Please pre register by 2/22 11 pm so we can get everything printed and organized Friday.

Groups: Have your captain register. Have additional teammates fill out the electronic waiver.

Current schedule:

12:00 Maps out

12:25 Brief briefing (no trespassing, stay safe, come back on time)

12:30 Go!

14:30 Stop! Miss the cut off and incur roughly (1) flag per minute penalty. Eg, 14:31:37 = lose 100 points


Each flag you visit counts as =floor(flag number,10), for example, visit 47 and 58 and get 40 + 50 = 90 points. Highest rank goes to the most points, with ties going to lowest time for a point value.

What to Bring:

Please dress to hike for the weather. Please bring water and snack provisions that'll keep you going for 2 hours and change (in case you are accidentally late). We have loaner compasses if you don't have any.



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