Organizer: Steve Simpson (Event Director)

Map: Island Lake

The “1024” event. Event format: Starting anytime after 11 am, find as many of the 24 flags as you can before 3 pm. Most points = winner, with ties broken by time. Some will be easier and nearby, some will be difficulty and far away. Clearing distance is around 10 kilometers. You can plan your route as much as you like. You can start as late as you like, just be done by 3 pm.

Preregistration is required; sign up by 10/22 @ 8 pm to ensure a map! Coupon codes: SMOC Members can use SMOCMEMBER. Affiliates clubs (OCIN, CAOC, etc.) can use RECIPROCAL. UM-ARRO folks can use UMARRO.

+1s and team members should complete the online waiver:

Free race slots available. Email for coupon code if you are interested in the following helper assignments:

Beginner Lesson (1 remaining)

Check in (1 remaining)

Flag Pick Up (5 remaining)

Race Headquarters is at the Meadow Picnic Area - this is near the mountain bike trailhead. Enter off Kensington Road, turn right after the entrance shacks, drive through mini tunnel, look for sign pointing left.

Event Schedule:

11:00 am Tentative Beginner Lesson Time

11:00 am You can start the course anytime now

3:00 pm Courses close; flag pickup begins promptly.

New to orienteering? Here is an explanation video - it's a point to point (fixed order), but you'll get the gist of it - for this one, you'll have more autonomy in which ones you want to get. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by email or text (7 three 4-6 five 7-44 zero 8)

What should you wear / bring:

If you are new, it's hard to go wrong with long sleeves, long pants, and comfortable trail running or hiking shoes. A change of shoes is nice to have on the Advanced and Expert courses, as it's not unusual to get wet feet along the way. Bug spray or sunscreen can be nice. A snack and water are not a bad idea if you expect to be out for a while. We have loaner compasses if you don't have one.


Do you want to see where you went? Record your track on a GPS watch like a Garmin, or run an app like LiveLox or Strava and sync to Strava to compare with everyone else. It's a lot of fun to see what other people did and where you did well and things didn't go so well. If you sign up for an account, use the LiveLox option for which system. SMOC members can get a paid account if they choose.


We charge per "start", which is a group. $5 for members, $10 for non members. Membership can be taken care of here:

Electronic Timing:

We use electronic timing most of the time. You'll get a punch stick (don't lose it! replacement cost is $40). Before racing, you'll dip the stick into a blue clear box that erases all of the old timing information. Then you'll dip it into a blue check box that ensures it's ready to go. Then, when you are ready to start, hit the start box to record your start time, flip over your map, and find some flags! At each flag, dip the stick in until it beeps or flashes, then continue on your way. When you get back, punch the finish punch, then follow the directions to get your results downloaded to the timing computer (usually a box or two). Be sure to turn in your stick if you borrow one from us.

Recreation Passport:

Most of our events are Michigan DNR state parks or recreation areas. To park at these venues, you need to either have checked the recreation passport on your license plate renewal (about $12/year and one of the best recreation bargains around!), or you can pay at a self-registration station somewhere in the park - usually headquarters or popular trailheads have them.

Rain or shine or snow:

We rarely cancel, so expect the event to run whether it's beautiful or miserable. You'll have a great time either way!



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